Oberholtzer Media is built on more than two decades of real-world experience. At our core we believe that the combination of technologies, process evolution, and culture advancement is the formula to real, quantifiable results and success.

The decision to build out Oberholtzer Media came from a series of campaigns that eventually resulted in failure. In retrospect, what seemed clear in the moment, became very distorted when viewed through the prism of history. The terminal losses experienced were due to not forcing a blunt, third party point of view and plunging ahead into darkness. What doesn’t break you, can strengthen you.

Out of failure, we have regenerated with a new sense of purpose and viewpoint.

Oberholtzer Media is built on a foundation forged from decades of lessons learned the hard way, either by ourselves or from watching others. From this foundation has been built a team that is battle tested and adheres to the simple ethos of planning to work, and working the plan.

With any engagement, there are many known-knowns, or unknowns, and they must all be understood, or accounted for, in advance of making a decision. Where there is a grey are, we do not assume but take an analytical approach in all decision making, before reaching a conclusion. Our experience is vast: Politics. Finance. Insurance. Real Estate. Retail. Legal. Auto. Tech. Data. Contact Center. Telephony. Startups. We love to engage. We are always looking for our next project. And we are more than happy to offer advice or an introduction when we are not the right fit.

That said. Especially with this COVID-19 nonsense in 2020, a faltering economy, and an entire country that is strained to a breaking point, life can come at you. Hard. If you are not ready, sometimes, it can break you. If that’s you, and you’re tired of getting kicked down the street, we are here to help you too. We are Americans, we are all in this together. Give us a shout if this didn’t care you away. We do great work.


Derek Oberholtzer, Founder
Oberholtzer Media LLC