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30 %

…of customer service engagements now take place via online channels.

94 %

…of customers who have an easy customer service experience plan to buy more.

80 %

…of call center managers now seriously considering moving to the cloud.

Engage Digital™


Consumers today expect to be able to interact with companies whenever and however they choose. That’s why it’s so critical for your business to offer customers support across the full range of available digital channels.

Treat all digital conversations equally

The Oberholtzer Media Engage Digital platform makes it easy for companies to meet customers wherever they are online. Through a single agent desktop for all digital conversations, Engage Digital enables agents to provide a consistent user experience through:

• Unified user identities across multiple channels
• Deeply integrated reporting and analytics
• An AI-based smart routing engine

Pulse™ for Contact Center


The only constant in the contact center is change. Successful companies respond immediately to change to stay one step ahead of the competition. RingCentral Pulse for Contact Center is a new approach to notifications, moving alerts directly into the Glip® collaboration tool, helping the right people respond immediately from any device.

RingCentral Pulse for Contact Center

By marrying RingCentral Contact Center’s capabilities with Glip collaboration, RingCentral provides a critical way to stay responsive to your customers’ needs.

• Identify and track what is important to your business.
• Review trends and immediate events.
• Send alerts to collaborative teams to allow immediate response from those who need to act.

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