Management Consulting

With all of our experience, we are happy to talk to you about your specific needs. Operational, marketing, sales, product development, techops, whatever it is. We love to help startups, but also have experience uprooting dug in dinosaurs who are locked in the past. It never hurts to reach out and have a chat with us.

Contact center, Telephony, and TechOps

We have more experience here than most could ever dream of, even in their worst nightmare. We like to share that experience with others so they don’t make the same mistakes of our past and that of our clients and partners. We build contact centers, manage them, fix them, close them. We have had thousands and thousands of agents, hundreds of centers, and know all of the warts, inside and out. We know phone systems. We have most likely tried it, built it, or broken it. And we love techops. We aren’t snobby about it. We like to work with data, APIs and systems, connecting the dots and creating a more efficient environment for your people, clients, expenses, and income.

Sales Automation & Refinement

Everyone can close more business. We can. You can. Each approach is different, but the core tenets remain. We love to help automate a manual process or refine a pitch here and there. If you need help prospecting, closing, overcoming objectives, squeezing more out of your pipe, whatever the issue, perceived or otherwise, another set of eyes/ears/hands never hurt. Hit us up and let’s just talk it out.

Product Development

Have an idea but don’t know what to do? Or you have a product and can’t figure out how to pitch it? We are good at that kind of thing. Let’s talk. We can use our MNDA, or yours, and see if we can’t help you get the next snuggy out to market there.

Not For Profits & Politics

We like it when people want to make a difference, we like to make a difference… unless you’re a weirdo, everyone wants to make a difference. We love helping and if we believe, will dig in really hard. So, if you are coming at us with a non-profit, we are all ears. As for politics, individual candidates, committees, PAC’s, etc. as a fair warning: we try to avoid it. Left or Right, it is a nasty, nasty business and is only getting worse. While we have significant experience and know how to handle ourselves running massive digital campaigns, if you want our help here, please know that your pockets need to be really deep for us to even consider it. We will have an initial call to see what you are looking to do and go from there. That is the unfortunate state of things.