CCaaS Solutions

Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) is a software deployment model that enables companies to move all of their contact center telephony and service operations into the cloud, reducing IT, integration, and support costs. Most importantly, it allows companies to get the latest and greatest tools for their teams increasing efficiency and production.
What CCaaS means for contact center organizations, or organizations that also operate contact centers, is the ability to offload their entire dialing and telephony infrastructure to the cloud, eliminating their local infrastructure and the headaches surrounding it. There are a variety of reasons why this is a smart move for any company, but none better than the latest move to a virtual work environment caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting lockdowns, quarantines, and general concerns of care for a human workforce that is in closer proximity to each other than the majority of operations.
Aside from the obvious work from home benefits, there are a wide array of reasons why it is better for an organization to move into a CCaaS environment like reduced dependencies on IT, management of infrastructure, licensing, carrier management, and on-site based security and redundancy issues. Once the decision is made to explore a CCaaS move, or if you are already a member of the CCaaS club, the real challenge becomes establishing which CCaaS offering to move forward with, as there are many to choose from. We have highlighted several providers below, but not all of them by a significant amount. The information for each listed below comes straight from their websites.
We have experience with nearly all of these CCaaS vendors and know the technology used here better than most. Having operated centers ourselves, around the world, and in large volume, we know the pros and cons of virtually all offerings in market. We have vendors that we prefer to work with and want to share our knowledge with you. Please review the information below, and if you want to explore what opportunities are out there for your business, please call us at (866) 853-5697 to learn more. We provide so much additional value to your organization whether making the leap to the cloud, or simply exploring alternate solutions. Call us before you call any of these companies directly.
Five 9 Genesys Convoso Ytel RingCentral Cloud Talk Talk Desk

Five 9

Why Five9?

We help you deliver experiences your customers will love.

Our Mission

With Five9 Genius™ the Intelligent Cloud Contact Center we are on a mission to help you transform your contact center and make geniuses of your agents so you can deliver experiences your customer will love.

Customers have high expectations

These elevated expectations are forcing businesses to reimagine their customer experience strategy. Five9 is here to help you transform your contact center and make geniuses of your agents so they can deliver experiences customers love.

The Intelligent Cloud
Contact Center

Five9 Genius, the intelligent cloud contact center, is built on a highly reliable, secure and scalable cloud platform. That makes it easy to rapidly trial and deploy new services, while future proofing your business by supporting AI and other emerging technologies. And because your contact center is in the cloud, you will have access to the latest capabilities through no- touch, non-disruptive real-time upgrades.

The Five9 high-touch approach

At Five9 we’re obsessed with your customers' experiences and your business. We focus on the usability of technology at every point of our relationship with you. Analysts like Gartner and Forrester have talked to our customers and they agree, the Five9 high-touch approach leads to better contact center transformation results.


  • Highly Reliable & Secure Cloud Contact Center
  • Customer First Approach to Ensure Your Success
  • Empower Agents to Deliver Extraordinary Customer Experiences
  • Incredibly Customizable & Configurable

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Trust the platform designed with disruptors in mind

One of the world’s largest cloud contact centers builds on the Genesys Cloud™ platform to empower more than 30,000 peak agents to serve customers in new ways.

Companies like this grow exponentially by changing the future of their industry. And they rely on technology partners with the same passion for evolution.

Built by disruptors, the Genesys Cloud platform is transforming the contact center industry by delivering innovation to companies of all sizes, everywhere. There’s a reason it’s a leading platform for seamlessly integrating voice and digital channels — empowering agents, delighting customers and creating better business outcomes overall.

Stay fresh and innovative

The cloud is your playground for hypergrowth, providing the flexibility and speed you need to get ahead. But many clouds have monolithic architectures that are connected to antiquated methodologies and restrictive operations. The Genesys Cloud platform is built differently; it delivers the agility, efficiency and resilience you need to reliably respond to change.

Scalable cloud-native architecture

The Genesys Cloud platform is designed to take full advantage of modern cloud strategies and technologies. Microservices, API-first development, open data and artificial intelligence (AI) give you rapid innovation, agility and resilience.

Continuous cloud delivery

We use Agile development practices to balance speed, predictability and quality, as well as DevOps methodologies to combine forces with operations. The Genesys Cloud platform knits these modern approaches together so you can quickly adapt to change.

Less worry, more efficiency

Through global public cloud services that allow our engineers to treat infrastructure as code, the Genesys Cloud platform gives you unmatched scale, security, uptime and continuity. Worry less about human errors bringing you down or getting in your way.

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Powerful autodialer options for your outbound calls.


Whether you’re leading an aggressive sales campaign or contacting current clients, Convoso has the powerful tools to drive your workflow. Choose from multiple dialing modes: Power Dialing. Predictive Dialing. Preview Dialing. Progressive Dialing.

Power Dialer

Increase contact rate with a static dial level and serious power. The Power Dialer chooses new contacts as soon as the previous call ends. Increase contact rates and reduce wait time without compromising your drop rating.

Predictive Dialer

Losing precious time between calls? Convoso Predictive Dialing uses smart algorithms to select agents and dial numbers in advance.

It’s power dialing with scaling capabilities to adjust the total number of outbound dials up and down based on available agents and dropped/abandoned rating. Increase contact rates and reduce wait time.

Preview Dialer

Agents review lead information before manually triggering the dialer. Build and track lead nurturing schemes or complex buying cycles. Add a personal touch to your calls, and make better connections with potential customers.

Progressive Dialer

Keep your dial rate high while customizing each call to individual leads. Similar to preview dialing, agents review lead information ahead of the call, but with progressive dialing, the calls are automatically dialed after a set number of seconds/minutes.

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Our Products

Powering millions of monthly voice and text conversations. Ytel gives companies a way to start communicating with ZERO CODE while also providing developers the ability to interact with our API.

Outbound Calls

Predicatively call customers and maximize agent productivity by reducing wait time between calls.

Inbound Calls

Robust features to power inbound calls including Automatic Call Distributor (ACD), IVR, and custom call queues.

Automated Nurturing

Automatically nurture leads by scheduling voicemails, emails, and text messages to get sent based on the disposition of your leads.

Call Recordings

Record calls for quality control and tracking purposes.

Agent Scripting

Define agent responses to create predictable conversations that meet the needs of sales and support expectations.

DNC Safeguards

Rest easy knowing your campaigns are running compliantly with real-time DNC scrubbing.

Skill-based Routing

Routing calls to the best agent currently available improves agent productivity and drastically increases closed deals.

Time Zone Protection

Establish a local presence by using a number in the area code of your choice.

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Step up your proactive outreach with Engage Voice

Upsell, cross-sell, collect, and promote your product with powerful outbound campaign management. With omnichannel capabilities supporting all digital channels, you can provide customer service where it matters most to your customers.

Highlighted Features 

Inbound voice

Whether you have soft or hard phones, your contact center agents can provide fast answers to customer questions.

Outbound voice

Various types of dialers help you optimize your outreach strategy and reach your customers or prospects when it matters for them and your business.


Leverage the power of asynchronous messaging for continuous conversations so customers can start a conversation on the web and pick it up later on a mobile device.
  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp 
  • SMS + MMS
  • Apple Business Chat
  • Google’s Business Message
  • Engage Messaging

Social media

Sort and manage incoming interactions from social media networks.
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

Live chat

Allow web visitors to initiate a chat or trigger them using behavioral targeting and provide agents with historical data to personalize the experience.


Manage large volumes of incoming emails and track, process, and control the categorization of messages received and the quality of replies sent.


Offer messaging capabilities directly within your iOS or Android app so you can support customers natively within your app when they have questions so you can deliver a better customer experience on mobile devices.


Aggregate reviews from Google Play and Google My Business to analyze trends, contribute to conversations, and respond to product, service, or sales inquiries

CloudTalk CCaaS

Virtual call center

No need to hold a phone conversation with your prospects and customers from a single location. The #1 rated virtual call center software Cloudtalk enables your sales and support reps to work remotely, from any place they choose. They only need a stable internet connection and headphones.

2,500+ virtual call centers and phone systems powered by CloudTalk

Create your virtual call center under 5 minutes

Setting up your virtual call center has never been easier. CloudTalk replaces your outdated business phone system and lets you scale with ease. No need to invest in phone hardware or be afraid to work with IT experts. All you need is your internet browser and a headset and you’re ready to make your first calls.

Get local phone numbers for your virtual call center

Going global? We offer international phone numbers from 140+ countries for your virtual call center. Allow your virtual team to work from anywhere in the world while maintaining local presence by using local phone numbers. If you already have a phone number, we can easily port it to CloudTalk.

Maintain local presence in any country while keeping your call center geographically in one place

Spend less with a local phone number for incoming calls.

Already have a number? Keep your existing numbers and port them easily into CloudTalk.

#1 Rated virtual call center software

Based on 200+ reviews on 6 independent software marketplaces & platforms

International numbers

Acquire international numbers (with geographic or non-geographic codes) from more than 140 countries. Local phone numbers allow customers from abroad to call you at standard local rates or free of charge.


Integrate CloudTalk with your external systems. With integrations, you can import and export contacts and regularly download history of phone calls, orders, tickets, etc.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu

Create your multi-level interactive voice response (IVR) menu to guide the caller through different options and make sure they are always directed to the right department, agent or group of agents and receive relevant information through customized messages.

Click to Call

Dial any phone number on the web with a single click. Make calls instantly to boost your team productivity.

SMS / Text messages

Send your customers personal messages or general notifications and make your contact center much more effective. Automatic text messages save time and facilitate the work of your agents.

Call flow designer

Intelligent call routing with pre-defined criteria based on your needs and preferences. With our Call Flow Designer feature, you can manage your inbound calls coming to the call center step by step.


Reliable and safe operation of your business phone system. Your data and VoIP services are safe with us. All CloudTalk data are stored in modern safe data centers with 24/7 monitoring.

Power Dialer

Power dialer allows you to increase efficiency and the number of calls you make. Easily create campaigns with call scripts and surveys and let your agents focus on the prospects.

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Talk Desk Logo

Talkdesk Cloud Contact Center Software

Enterprise-class capability, consumer app simplicity.


An End-to-End Solution for Delivering Great Customer Experiences

Customers expect more from contact centers today, and legacy systems can’t keep up. Talkdesk CX Cloud™ is a new kind of cloud contact center – an end-to-end solution on a single platform, delivering everything you need to make customer experience your competitive advantage while optimizing operational efficiency and reducing cost.


Customer EngagementWorkforce EngagementEnterprise CollaborationAI & Knowledge, and Analytics & Insights, all on a single unified platform.


We’ve removed the complexity from deploying, administering and using contact center solutions. Get started fast with an implementation that is done in weeks (even days) not months. Talkdesk is so intuitive agents and reps can get started with little to no training. Administrators are empowered to make ongoing improvements.


Our open cloud contact center platform includes out-of-the-box integrations with 60+ CRM and other business systems plus the industry’s first contact center app store, AppConnect, with 1-click access to over 50 contact center productivity apps.


Talkdesk provides the scalability, reliability, call quality and security trusted by 1,800+ global businesses. Our microservices API-driven architecture and nine global data centers allow you the ultimate flexibility to serve your customers anywhere in the world. Talkdesk delivers industry-leading MOS call quality and offers the industry’s first and only 100% uptime SLA.


We provide a cloud contact center platform that is flexible and adaptable to meet your evolving business needs with a high level of configuration done with “clicks not code” and we offer options for deeper customization when you need it.

AI Infused

AI and knowledge solutions, powered by Talkdesk iQ, reduce cost and drive smarter, more efficient interactions. This includes applications for agent assistance, customer self-service, knowledge management, security monitoring, and even sourcing contact center talent.

CX Cloud Capabilities

Customer Engagement

IVR (Studio)
Outbound Dialer

Workforce Engagement

Agent Desktop
Mobile Agent
Workforce Management
Quality Management
Call Recording


Microsoft Dynamics
Microsoft Teams

Reporting & Analytics

Dashboards (Live)
BI (Explore)
Speech Analytics

AI and Knowledge

Agent Assist
Virtual Agent
Knowledge Base (Guide)

Enterprise Collaboration



AppConnect Marketplace
Flexible Deployment
Security & Compliance
Talkdesk iQ (AI layer)

Business Transformation Services

CX Strategy
CX Enablement
CX Success

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Partner With Oberholtzer Media

As your partner, Oberholtzer Media knows how to navigate the various providers and works with them on a large scale. We are able to get pricing that most cannot, know how to work within the confines of the various providers systems, teams, and processes. Most importantly, we provide you with significant value added services via our open API library, professional services team, and always available Tier 1 support. Learn more about how we can help by calling (866) 853-567.

Contract with the vendor directly

You can absolutely go your own way with the various providers. We encourage you to do the research, get product demonstrations, even get into contract negotiations. We simply suggest that before you pull the trigger, you give us a call and see what we can do on your behalf. Of course, taking this path, you would not have all of the professional services, support, relationships, knowledge, and web services available that you would by contracting through Oberholtzer Media. Something to consider when you start to take in the full scope of what is entailed with changing providers or making the first jump to the cloud. We are always here to help.

Explore Some of Our Other Solutions

As a full service, global solutions provider, we have solutions, expertise, and partners to provide virtually any organization with increased efficiencies and decreased expenses. Learn more about some of our featured services and, when you are ready to get to know us, give us a call at (866) 853-5697.