Cloud Transitions

If we are being honest, there is not good money in helping a company make the transition to the cloud at this point. For us, it is the principle, and we are happy to help any of our potential, or current, clients, vendors or partners if they would like free help. So, if you are still managing hardware, local networks, licensing, updates, virus software, backup tapes, database backups, redundant servers, NAS/SAN, hardware based VMware solutions, or anything else that requires uptime, redundant data services, generators and batteries – then we want to help you.
We are platform and system agnostic, if you want to continue to use Microsoft or are open to open source technologies, good for you. If you would rather use Google Cloud over Azure or AWS, we will probably try to talk you into AWS, but it does not really matter. Basically anything is better than what you are doing right now. We can make your life infinitely better, in a matter of weeks. We will follow a very simple process: 
  1. Discovery – we will get a clear picture of all that your environment entails, and document it in detail.
  2. Scope – we will provide a scoping document based on what we suggest for you, with all of the bells and whistles you may want, detailed out. We are going to set you up in your own account, there are no fees for this. Again, there are no hidden fees or costs. This step is documented in detail.
  3. Development – We are going to build out your environment, per the scope document, and stand up all services, reports, details, network resources. Basically everything that you have on premise, in the cloud, with all of the redundancy, auto-scaling, security, and failover you could want. It will also cost you less money to operate and manage over time now that you don’t have leases on servers, or licensing, or all other requirements for premise solutions.
  4. Transition – We will work with your team to complete the most recent back up of your systems and complete the transition over a weekend evening. Planned well in advance. Test, re-test, and test some more. Once completed, we will make all DNS changes, and any internal changes to assist with the final rollover.
  5. Finalization – We will move a final backup of any information that transpired during the transition. We will maintain side by side backups of all data and services with your premise solution for two weeks, while we ensure any and all issues are resolved, connectivity challenges are corrected, and there is no further need to have a roll back plan.
  6. Premise Termination – You get the pleasure of hitting the power switch for good in your local NOC (most likely a converted office in your building), putting your used equipment on Ebay, and figuring out what to do with your new found space and free time.
As stated earlier, this is something that everyone should do. We are happy to assist, for free, if you are a current client, vendor, or partner or if you are interested in becoming one with Oberholtzer Media. Click the button below to speak with one of our Trusted Advisors and let’s help get you to the cloud.

Oberholtzer Media As Your Partner

Our team knows how to navigate a wide array of industries, systems, and providers. We currently work with many different clients and vendors, on a large scale, and have been doing this for a long time. We are able to get pricing that most cannot, know how to work within the confines of the various providers systems, teams, and processes. But most importantly, we provide you with significant value added services via our open API library, professional services team, and always available Tier 1 support. Tired of going it on your own or with service and support that stop as soon as you sign an agreement? We invite you to learn more about how we can help by calling (866) 853-5697.

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