Omni Channel Communications

As more and more of the world goes digital, there is a reduction in the reliance on voice communications – yet it will remain the primary method of communication with various age groups and demographics for years, if not decades, to come. The question becomes, how do you solve for the communications with a future proof platform?
Omni Channel Communications. With an Omni solution for your workforce, you are able to seamlessly tie together all communication methods – social, SMS, email, chat, and voice into a single user interface. View the entire history of communications for a single consumer, all in one place. 
Screen shot of virtual customer support communication
RingCentral Engage Voice
No longer do you need agents who only handle voice or digital engagement – now they can manage both, all in a single interface. The customer experience is dramatically improved, employee experience is off the charts because now they can work smarter, not harder.
Let the system do the work, with all of the intelligent routing and skill components that you would usually want to see, all combined in one powerful user interface. 
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