Tier One Support

No one wants to work with a provider who vanishes after the contract starts, sends you off to a support team that does not have useful product knowledge, does not understand your business, and frankly, does not really care to help you. We have all experienced this kind of treatment, where you almost feel embarrassed to ask for help, knowing that the “help” you get will not be timely, is rarely useful, and you are treated as nothing more than an annoyance.
That is why we built an internal Support Team: to provide all of our clients, partners, and vendors with the support that you actually need, when you need it. We have built our entire support platform on Zen Desk, have automated work flows to ensure your request is routed to the right agent, and that we are accountable to our SLA with each and every relationship of Oberholtzer Media.
We provide a five minute SLA for first human response on every ticket created. Our support team is skilled and cross-trained in all services provided, or supported, by Oberholtzer Media. Our 99.85% customer satisfaction rating, based on thousands of support tickets and performance reviews provided by our clients anonymously, speaks to the level of service you can expect from us. The reality is that help is always needed. We want you to have the best possible experience, every single time. There are no stupid questions and it is always better to ask for help, than waste countless hours pounding your head against a wall, when the right resource can help resolve it for you in minutes. This service is provided free of cost to all of our clients, vendors, and partners. Check out our support hub below and never worry about help, we are all on the same team.

Oberholtzer Media As Your Partner

Our team knows how to navigate a wide array of industries, systems, and providers. We currently work with many different clients and vendors, on a large scale, and have been doing this for a long time. We are able to get pricing that most cannot, know how to work within the confines of the various providers systems, teams, and processes. But most importantly, we provide you with significant value added services via our open API library, professional services team, and always available Tier 1 support. Tired of going it on your own or with service and support that stop as soon as you sign an agreement? We invite you to learn more about how we can help by calling (866) 853-5697.

Explore Some of Our Other Solutions

As a full service, global solutions provider, we have solutions, expertise, and partners to provide virtually any organization with increased efficiencies and decreased expenses. Learn more about some of our featured services and, when you are ready to get to know us, give us a call at (866) 853-5697.