We have decades of experience and understand your business better than most. We know what's around the turn.

Since 1995

Our team has been immersed in both digital and traditional enterprise operations long enough to have seen it all. Let our Trusted Advisors put that experience to work for you.
Technology & Support solutions at no additional cost. Ever.

Oberholtzer Media provides ongoing service and support, long after your solution is deployed

As a consumer of business services, one of my consistent frustrations is the vast majority of service providers leave you desperately needing more, as soon as you sign a contract. My commitment to you, is that we will never stop prioritizing you and your business. We are there for you, to support you, to help you grow, to lift you up when challenges arise. To be flexible when needed and support you in every meaningful way that we can. For the life of your engagement with us, we will treat you as though we are fighting to earn the opportunity to serve you and your enterprise. Every. Single. Day. Once you commit to us, we are there to serve as your advocate, trusted advisor, and agent of change. We are all in for you, from the start to the finish, and every step in between.

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Don't get lost in the forest

With the amount of hurdles that COVID-19 is throwing at you, it is very easy to lose your focus. We can jump start your year with an infusion of energy, enthusiasm, and positivity.
Let's Go!

Battle Tested

We have operated contact centers all around the world. With experience ranging from the US to Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia. We have managed billions of conversations, handled tens of thousands of agents, and operated just about every contact center solution that is worth trying.

We make available to our clients, vendors, and partners our wealth of experience and operational capabilities. We know how to execute and we know how to problem solve. Check out all of the various services that we have to offer, and when you are ready to have a chat, call us at (866) 853-5697.

  • CCaaS + UCaaS
  • Managed Services
  • Tier 1 Support
  • Omni Channel Comms
  • Open API Library
  • 24/7 Team Access

We provide a consultative approach to your entire operation

We are constantly monitoring and testing emerging technologies to ensure that our services and offerings evolve as rapidly as the technologies become available in market. Our team has been immersed in both digital and traditional enterprise operations long enough to have seen it all. Let our Trusted Advisors put that experience to work for you.

Managed Services

We will run your services for you. And if you have a need for an application, service, or solution, let our team solve for it ASAP.

Tier 1 Support

We provide a five minute SLA on human ticket response from a highly trained support agent.

Open API Library

We have built a vast array of SaaS offerings that are available to all clients, partners, and vendors.

99.85% Customer Satisfaction based on thousands of support ticket and performance reviews provided by our clients anonymously

Join Our Partner Community

Becoming a partner, client, or vendor of Oberholtzer Media means so much more than just another relationship. We believe in connecting the dots for everyone, in everything that we do. To our core, we want our relationships to be mutually beneficial: clients, partners, and vendors. Everyone wins, when we work together. This is more critical now than ever before, so we invite you to join us as we grow our community and create an environment of success for all involved. Call us at (866) 853-5697 to learn more or click the link below.